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Welcome to PÁTIO.


PÁTIO means courtyard in Portuguese.

In this PÁTIO there is a fountain and a group of creative people.

We make films, music videos, design, sound design, we put on our own events and gatherings and film others.

We come from different cities and have work experience in cinema, design, video, sound design, art curation and cultural programming.


Ricardo Guerreiro -  graduated in Cinematography from the University of Creative Arts - Farnham, in the United Kingdom. He currently works as a director and editor. In 2021/2022, he worked as a projectionist at Cinemateca Portuguesa-Museu do Cinema.

Kim Schädlich - studied graphic design at Etic - Technical School of Image and Communication, in Lisbon, and illustration at ESDIP - Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional in Berlin. She currently works as an animator, designer and illustrator.

Ricardo Dias - graduated in Cinematography from the University of Creative Arts - Farnham, in the United Kingdom. He works as a camera assistant and director of photography.

Camille Salvetti - filmmaker and sound technician, completed her Master's in Film Production at Concordia University in Canada, with her short film "Casa Bonjardim", winner of the Architecture Film Competition at the International Short Film Week of Regensburg, 2024. Currently, she divides her time between Berlin and Porto, directing short films on architecture.

Elizabeth Ibbett - trained in fashion, textile design, art psychotherapy and make-up, Liz has worked on various theatre, film, advertising and performance projects as a costume designer or make-up artist, in the UK and internationally, on land and at sea.

Miguel Madeira - Composer and Sound Designer, graduated from Lusíada University in Lisbon, completed a Postgraduate Degree at ICMP University - The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, in London, United Kingdom. He currently works for SIC and does post production for music and cinema.

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